Hot Shots employs a variety of image capture techniques and works closely with you to find solutions specific to your attraction. Our flexibility and willingness to adapt give us a clear advantage when it comes to customization.

  • Virtual Studio: Allow your guests to come face-to-face with a Great White Shark, or float weightlessly through the International Space Station with Green Screen technology that drops them right into the action.
  • Roving: Whether catching a ballgame, discovering an aquarium exhibit, or exploring another attraction, our photographers are trained to recognize optimal opportunities for guest engagement, resulting in higher photo quality and sell-through rate.
  • Thrill Ride: From jet boats to racecars, coasters to zip lines, we have photo and video options that capture the guest at the moment of maximum excitement. 

Now that the best possible photo product for your customer has been created, it’s time to deliver them through a variety of outlets. Our team knows how to promote custom merchandise sales at your venue in order to ensure that every one of your customers has the desire to take home a souvenir.

  • Photo: Frames and collages allow every member of the family to take home their favorite photo memory.
  • Digital: Delivery options utilizing StoriCloud open up a whole new marketplace after the guest completes their visit. 
  • Special: Items like badges and magnets customized for your attraction allow guests to become part of the experience.