The impact that an effective social media marketing campaign can have on any business is at an all time high. We recognize this, and have taken advantage of it.

Think about every guest that comes to your attraction annually. Now, imagine every one of those guests sharing a free photo from your venue to their entire network. That’s a lot of no-cost promotion most companies find themselves paying through the roof for.

Likes, posts and shares equate to greater reach for your attraction, which brings a new audience through your doors.

StoriCloud is our fully-integrated social media marketing platform. It effectively does the job of an entire social media marketing team, and is entirely guest-driven, thereby saving you time, energy, and revenue to be used elsewhere.

We’ve found that a majority of guests share their experiences on social media in real time while at your attraction. We give guests the ability to add venue-specific overlays and custom graphics to their photos, and upload those photos straight to social media. This translates into creative, viral marketing taking place on a daily basis, at no additional cost.

It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s free.