New videos go viral every day. YouTube’s videos alone combine for over 4 billion views per day.

  • Previously capturing that special, thrilling moment was difficult, if not impossible.
  • Now Barracuda Video allows you to do just that, without any additional work!

It’s time for you to reap the benefits of capturing video.

With our Barracuda Video System, developed specifically for capturing high definition footage during extreme tour conditions, your guests can relive every twist, turn, splash and spin.

Our system has been perfected on boat rides and helicopter tours, and utilizes Rugged technology capable of capturing the action under all types of conditions and from unusual mounting locations.

If conditions at your site are less than extreme, don’t worry, Barracuda isn’t solely limited to adventure rides. Imagine guests having the ability to digitally swim alongside sea turtles and beluga whales at your aquarium, or outrun a cheetah on the Serengeti. The applications are endless.

When guests have the ability to re-live their experience and feel the rush all over again, it drastically increases the likelihood of repeat visits to your attraction. Again, guests can then easily share their uniquely branded video clips to the web, growing your venue’s social media presence. Connecting with guests this way presents them with opportunities to interact with your venue from anywhere.




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Barracuda workflow

  • Waterproof and shockproof cameras automatically capture passenger reactions at every intense moment with GPS controlling the start/stop
  • Picture-in-picture ensures that all guests are able to see the action from multiple different angles
  • The system creates a professionally-edited video in real time, available for viewing immediately after the guest’s experience and eliminating all post-production efforts
  • Guests purchase their videos which greatly increase your revenue, in some cases we’ve seen up to 400%
  • Guests view, upload and share their adventure with friends via StoriCloud while their adrenaline is still pumping. This translates into instant shares, likes, increased social media presence and Google search ranking